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 First, let me thank you for considering joining our growing community in Tippah County, MS!


 We are a strong community that prides itself on providing an environment that fosters growth and development. We understand that families, small business and industries are not just looking for a "location" but a community that will support its needs for the long term.


 As a community we take pride in the fact that we are prepared to take on the challenges of today and of the future! Our local colleges provide high quality training and ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure that educational and employment needs are not just met but are exceeded.


 We value all of our businesses as learning experiences that allow our residents the opportunity to grow immensely through their work, promoting excellence and creating a diversity of qualified applicants, savvy shoppers, and entrepreneurial leaders.


  At a time when the business market is constantly changing, we’ve tried to never forget that a community has the responsibility to provide an atmosphere where businesses can not just strive but thrive!  Our community is unique and our people reflect this drive through community development and involvement.  With an environment like this, our cities can't help but provide excellent business growth for years to come.


 If this sounds like an environment that you would like to be a part of, I encourage you to obtain more information regarding Tippah County, MS and see what makes us different! Browse through our website and look at what we have to offer. We are proud of our past and we are excited about our future. Be a part of that future, with us!




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Matthew Harrison, CPM, MPM, CIPM

Executive Director and COO

Tippah County Development Foundation

Office Phone: 662-837-3353